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Complete System Reinstall Service

Preserving all your data and applications*

Our system reinstall service is our most popular service. We perform the following steps:

  • Complete forensic hard disk backup to our dedicated backup servers
  • A complete hardware diagnostic - hard drive, graphics, CPU and memory.
  • Backup of all software licenses.
  • Complete clean install of your Windows operating system - XP, Vista and Windows 7 using the latest installation media.
  • Installation of the latest device drivers direct from the manufacturer's website.
  • Reinstallation of as many applications as we can.
  • Complete installation of all updates for the operating system and applications.
  • Migration of your application data including favourites, iTunes, email accounts, emails, address books and other applications.
  • Migration of all your pictures and documents and other data.
  • Burn in testing to make sure your machine is running at full speed and no other problems are occurring.
  • If you want a memory upgrade we will install the memory free of charge. You just pay a competitive price for the memory.
  • If you want a hard disk upgrade we will install the hard disk free of charge. You just purchase the hard drive.
  • Once you get your machine home we will help you to get back on the internet via our remote support service.
  • We keep your backed up data for up to 2 weeks to make sure you lose nothing!
  • Security and Antivirus advice included discounted ESET antivirus/firewall software with free installation.


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*NB: Original installation CDs/DVDs may be required to reinstall some appliactions.

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